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The company ENECO Ingénieurs-conseils S.A. started in the year 2000 and is engaged as consulting engineers in the greater region of Luxemburg, France, Germany and Belgium.

A total of about 30 staff members are engaged in the fields of civil engineering, examination of building material, environmental studies, geosciences, soil science, chemistry, life science, building services engineering and electrical engineering

They are active interdisciplinary in the following areas of operations:

  • Harmful substances in building material and in room air, rehabilitation measures in buildings and deconstruction
  • Contaminated sites, brown fields, landfill and waste dumps, waste management
  • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
  • Approval planning, energy consulting
  • Environmental compatibility and nature protection
  • Building equipment and appliances (HVA CR), building technology
  • Geotechnical engineering and geothermal energy

We take care of our clients and advise them in all project and work phases: from the idea to the design, call for bids, implementation, certification and final supervision as well as technical documentation

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