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Building pollutants and indoor air pollutants, building refurbishments and dismantling

Typical business activities

  • Contaminant investigation and inventory (parameter of toxic materials „ToxBau“ as well as of environmentally relevant materials, amongst others: asbestos, man made vitreous fibres (MMVF), PCB, dioxins, PCP, PAH, heavy metals, wood preservation agents, mould and fungal decay, wood pest, pigeon droppings, radon, etc.)
  • Indoor air (carbon dioxide, VOC, MVOC, formaldehyde, insecticides, fungicides, dust, fogging, sick building syndrome, indoor air hygiene, etc.)
  • Remediation plan and reclamation concept, amongst others according to. RGD „Asbest“ A-N° 149 from 04.07.2007, TRGS 519 as well as TRGS 521, etc.
  • Expert opinion and consulting services
  • Risk assessment and evaluation
  • Planning of safety and occupational health procedures, as well in contaminated areas
  • Chemical analysis for contaminated substances to determine the disposal procedure
  • Sampling and air quality measurement including pollutant analysis
  • Demolition planning (residential, public and industrial buildings, industrial sites including production and installation engineering
  • Permit application
  • Cost estimation and budgeting
  • Compilation of technical specifications, invitation of tenders and participation in award of contracts
  • On-site building inspection including in contaminated sites
  • Site management and project coordination
  • Documentation of remediation measures / energy performance certificate / contaminant register


Specific business activities

  • Due diligence (environmental)
  • Asbestos free (- safe) certificate
  • Assessment of fire damage, clean-up planning
  • Damage caused by water or moisture (assessment and rehabilitation planning)
  • Courses of instruction and advanced training course (specific training asbestos, amongst others for extensive work including equivalence trainings, asbestos cement in exterior areas as well as annual refresher course /retraining for preservation of professional qualifications, in-house training for building pollutants)
  • Planning advise in selection of building materials (“sound building and living conditions”)



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