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Approval from the Luxemburg Ministry of Environment for the following fields:



D     Waste

D3     Assessment of internal waste planning procedures

E     Impact surveys

E4     Surveys in the field of water pollution control and water policy

E5     Surveys in the field of soil protection and/or groundwater protection

E7     Surveys in the field of demarcation of groundwater protection zones

E71     Hydrogeological survey reports

E72     Detailed design

F      Certification of technical facilities and equipment in line with operation authorisation

F1    Certification of all technical facilities and equipment put into operation

F11     Certification in the industrial sector

F111     Certification in handcraft

F12     Certification in the mineral oil sector

F112     Certification of fixed storage tanks inclusive of pipework as well as the first installation

F13     Certification in the real estate sector

F3     Supervision and certification of remedial actions of contaminated soil and/or groundwater

          K       Inspections concerning industrial emissions


Nature conservation

  • Impact studies in the field of natural environment
  • Environmental impact investigations / environmental impact assessment
  • Habitat maps / flora maps
  • Rehabilitation of disturbed habitats, renaturation
  • Design of ecological compensation


Approval of the Luxemburg Water Board in the field of:

  • Certification of technical reports of the supply system regarding water quality for human consumption


Approval of the Luxemburg Ministry of Economics for:

  • Preparation of energy pass for residential and functional buildings
  • Realisation of energy-related advisory service for residential and functional buildings
  • Feasibility studies for residential and functional buildings

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